Maybe you’re not quite ready for a full-blown scooter or wheelchair yet, but you are having difficulty with balance, recently went through physical therapy for a hip replacement, or are getting more tired in your strolls around the park!  We, at Independent for Life, would recommend looking into one of our many walkers or rollators to aid you in your mobility.  We want to make sure you have the freedom to move around without fear of falling or becoming winded due to overexertion

Our recommended walkers are all light weight, easily compressible for transportation and have additional features for storage.  Want to test one out before purchasing?  Stop in at our store front on Progress Boulevard in Peru, Illinois.

walkers in Peru, IL

Our favorite walker features:

  1. Trays and Bags made to fit on most styles
  2. Rollator – the seat attachment is great for long distance trips that may require a break or two!
  3. Glide attachments.  Fit more standard walkers and make your walk more enjoyable/smoother than old tennis balls

Additional Daily Aid Products

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