The last thing we want is for you to be extremely mobile in the home, but stuck!  Our goal is to make our patients independent and capable of doing just about anything.  The number one reason to get a scooter is for additional independence.  You will be able to complete tasks with more ease including going to the grocery store, the local park or your favorite restaurant.  Scooters have the added benefit of helping to prevent injury since you or your loved one will not need to rely on their physical strength as much.

With so many options out there, we know purchasing a scooter can be quite stressful.  Not only is it costly, but it is also difficult to decide which features are necessary for you.  Once again, our trained and friendly staff will take the time to understand your lifestyle and needs.  When we have a good understanding of your day to day, we will be able to recommend the best scooter from a pricing and feature perspective.

Scooters at Independent for Life

Don’t forget, we offer free deliver, set-up and training with every purchase!

Here’s what our patients love about our scooters:

  1. We have a scooter for every situation (off road, inside, and in town travel)
  2. Portability (scooters can be broken down to make travel easy)
  3. True personalizaiton (colors, styles), making your independence fun!
  4. Mobility and freedom to do what you love

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