Ramp Installation

So you have decided it is time to install a short-term or long-term ramp in order to make your home more accessible, but now what?  We know this can be overwhelming, that is why we are trained in ramp installation.  Prior to making any recommendations, our team of experts will come to your home to do an in-depth evaluation.  We will then give you the best recommendation based on your needs, costs and other contributing factors.

When you should consider a short-term rental ramp:

Your recovery time is short-term (less than 6 months)

You have guests staying at your home temporarily who need mobility aid

You are unsure how long you will need the ramp (start with rental, can always transition to ownership)

When to consider permanent purchase:

Your long-term mobility depends on ramp access

You intend to stay in your home (for more than 6 months)

You are currently limited but want to be Independent!