Bathroom Safety

One of the worst things that can happen to someone is a slip in the bathroom which can lead to severe injuries, long recovery times, and loss of mobility.  We want to help you be proactive and avoid any potential causes for injury.  That’s why at Independent for Life we have a variety of bathroom aids and safety features to ensure you can easily maneuver during your daily bathroom routines.

Unsure of where to begin in this process?  Once again, we will go to your home for a detailed evaluation in order to recommend the best safety products for your bathroom.  Not sure of the best way to install your new purchases?  Just ask us, we are more than happy to help with installation or give step-by-step instructions for a successful install.  Some of our bathroom safety items include commodes, grab bars and tub rails, shower heads, bath benches, shower seats, tub lifts and toilet seat risers.

Our top favorite bathroom aids:

  1. Belvita bath lift – great for bathtub soaking!
  2. Tub Rail – easy to attach and a great aid for in and out of the tub
  3. Toilet Risers – Everyone who has a lift chair should have a toilet riser.  Getting off the stool is no longer a struggle with the convenient design that will fit on 95% of toilets available!

Additional Daily Aid Products

Lift Chairs




Miscellaneous Daily Aids

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